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Proprietor: Georgina Holdsworth

Hello and thank you for visiting our website. We have a holistic shop based in Edinburgh offering a wide range of crystals, divination cards, incense, candles, aromatherapy oils, gifts, etc., offering a wide range of readings and therapies either In-Person or Online.

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Laura ClarkLaura Clark
14:14 28 Mar 23
Love this place. Very calming atmosphere. The Shining Light Family are all wonderful people. Highly recommend popping in to see them and the services they offer. Wouldn't go anywhere else. X
Nicola SmithNicola Smith
11:44 23 Jul 22
Myself and my sister had a tarot reading with Malcolm. We were both extremely happy and had a few things confirmed through the cards. Will be back again soon. Many thanks
Hugh AlexanderHugh Alexander
19:04 23 Jan 20
Georgina gave me a 4th reading earlier this week and once again it was brilliant. The first 3 were amazing and everything predicted happened... The shop is bright and has a lovely energy, lots of gifts and a great selection on offer. Highly recommended
Wendy CooperWendy Cooper
14:21 23 Jan 20
I love a wee reading from Georgina! She is always so accurate and has given me lots of useful and interesting readings. Cant wait to come for the next one. 💜💜💜
Aimee StewartAimee Stewart
13:53 18 Jan 20
This place is amazing. The shop is such a welcoming place to go and the staff are very friendly. They will help you with the right gem stone you are looking for. The reading are just WOW. I would recommend just popping in even if it’s just for a look.
Lynda ForrestLynda Forrest
15:59 17 Jan 20
Love the new premises, the colour, the window display brightens up a dull high street.Another great reading from Georgina, lost count of readings I've had from her over the years, majority of readings have happened within months of my visit. Great booster when feeling a bit lost and as always Georgina is a friendly and welcoming person. Highly recommended
Kathy AllamKathy Allam
12:40 13 Nov 19
A beautiful calm oasis amongst the crazy high street chaos. Everyone should pay this place a visit even if it only once. I love this place from it's bright coloured exterior to the interior that is filled with warmth, love and amazing smell of white sage. The Shining Light has wide range of amazing magical items such as crystals - small and big, oracle,angel or tarot cards, boxes of incense, salt lamps, beautiful difusers, wax melts,laughing Buddahs to angels.The best part of this place are the wonderful people that are there to help and provide services such as Tai Chi, medical gi going to bio aura, tarot and angel card reading.Go with an open mind and treat yourself because I did and that has taught me some things about myself and opened many possibilities for me since my very first visit.



Are you looking to improve your spiritual awareness and deepen your understanding of the spiritual realm?

If so, then you’re in luck because Georgina Holdsworth, an international psychic with 38 years of experience, has the perfect course for you!

This course, an introduction to spiritual development, covers angels, tarot, spiritual energy, energy work, discovering your primary clair psychometry, and more. Enrol here.


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Uncover your spiritual gifts and discover how to use them to create a more connected and meaningful life.

Great starting point for those dipping their toe into the spiritual realm.

Develop your spiritual awareness and learn to tap into your intuition with the help of Georgina Holdsworth International Psychic’s 38 years of experience.

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100% Guaranteed!

If you’re not in love with this new blend, we’ll refund your entire order.

Shining Light got it’s name from beyond the grave. Whilst traveling on the train Georgina’s 16 year old daughter who passed a few years earlier with a cancerous brain tumour came through and suggested that she called the business Shining Light.
Georgina Holdsworth created Shining Light to be a safe haven for guidance and empowerment bringing this to people through readings and therapies.
Over the years Shining Light has blossomed into a vibrant psychic and holistic centre for emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well being.
If this resonates with you and you feel that you have something of value to contribute to the team, then get in touch.



How do Mediums work?

To be a medium, one has what some may call a “spiritual gift”. Most mediums are born with it, or the gift may run in the family. Some people seek to deepen their own connection with spirit and their higher self to develop their own spiritual gift through meditation and inviting spirit to “come in”. Every medium develops their own way of working with spirit according to their gift and what way of working suits their personality.

The gifts are known as “the clairs”:

  • Clairvoyance = seeing,
  • Clairaudience = hearing,
  • Clairsentience = feeling,
  • Claircognizance = inner knowing,
  • Clairailence = smelling
  • Clairgustance = tasting

The depth of these gifts vary from person to person and most professional mediums have more than one gift.

Most mediums like to use a divination tool like Tarot cards, Angel cards or sometimes a pendulum, to either confirm their intuition, or as a basis to use the card to connect with whatever the client needs to hear.  

If you are seeking a reading then please click on the appropriate choice in the menu. Online readings are also available as distance is no barrier when connecting with “the energy”.