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Swedish Massage – with Adriana (£60 for 1 hour)

Relaxing massage from head to toe to decrease tension and help you to feel revived. Including coconut massage oil and/or olive oil. BOOK HERE (Edinburgh on Thursdays).

Massage with Wooden Tools

An ancient technique which originates in China using smooth and shaped wooden tools for a deep massage. Including coconut massage and/or olive oil. BOOK HERE (Edinburgh on Thursdays).

“A fantastic massage, which I just had from Adriana, was a fabulous Swedish massage & wood massage for 6 months, for my back, neck & shoulders. The massage felt totally professional, I was comfortable at all the times, my body felt a lot better than before. I would like to recommend to everyone to try her, she is absolutely talented. Thanks Adriana for all this hard work that has done it for me. Thanks again.”


Bi-Aura Therapy with Richard (£45 for 1 hour)

Bi-Aura Therapy is a chakra based energy healing which gets the chi moving to release stuck energy. Bi-Aura therapy works on every level – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual – to release negative emotions and feel lighter and happier with better sleep and more energy. I have been featured in three national magazines – “Chat It’s Fate”, “Kindred Spirit” and “Fate and Fortune.”  BOOK HERE (Edinburgh & Falkirk Weds to Sat). Alternatively, if you wonder whether this is the right therapy for you, then this interesting article will give you a few case examples: “Laughter is the Best Medicine


“Love Richard. He is amazing at what he does. I feel so much better. I have recommended Richard to family and friends.”

Distance Healing (£35 for 1 hour)

When the path ahead is foggy and you’re not quite in the flow,

Just put aside your worried thoughts, relax and they will go,

When you let go of the worry, you allow yourself “to be”,

Your happy carefree natural self, your true nature is free.

I will use my clairsentient gift to scan your aura to detect any heavy energy and get the chi moving to lighten your energy field and invoke a sense of emotional release leaving you to feel happier and lighter. BOOK HERE