Psychic Tarot

Appointment times range from 10 minutes to 90 minutes
10, 30, 60 and 90 minutes, depending upon the Appointment and your requirements



In-Person Psychic Tarot Reading

Psychic Tarot is the most popular form of Readings we offer, quick, to the point, and affordable for everyone.

The primary purpose of a Tarot Reading is to quickly and simply find out what is going on and then enable good choices to eliminate poor life outcomes. You can ask the age old questions in the life domains of relationships, family, finances, career, travel, life direction, creative interests, talent development, and so much more.



In-Person Astrology Reading

Astrological Readings are detailed and unique to the time and circumstances of the client.

An Astrological Reading, apart from Q&A consulting time with Malcolm, usually includes a PDF written Report which is sent to your Email address.

Prior to an Astrological appointment please supply by email your
1. Date of Birth ( example 10 December 1991 )
2. Time of Birth ( example 4.20pm, or 16:20 )
3. Place of Birth ( Town/City & the Country )



In-Person Oracle Readings

- A Specific Question gives a Specific Answer

When consulting an Oracle, it's important to be precise and unambiguous with your Question. A dubious question gives a dubious answer. Malcolm will help you with this at the Appointment to enable the very best answer.


Multi-Mix Readings - 60 min or 90 min Appointment

Tarot, Oracle & Basic Astrology Reading

Some clients like a range of Reading modalities to give a diversity of answers to the questions they have. This can be especially helpful in times of Big-Life-Change and where more complex life situations need to be teased out and new solutions offered. 


Tarot or Astrology

Phone and Online Readings

For those people unable to attend the Consulting Studio, we offer both phone and Online Readings. The same variety of times are available - 10, 30, 60 and 90 minutes.


Chakra Healing

Bi-Aura Therapy

Bi-Aura Therapy is a chakra based energy healing which gets the chi moving to release stuck energy leaving the client to feel lighter and happier with more energy and better sleep.

The Biofield Viewer - Aura Video Camera

The Biofield Viewer is a digital viewer which reveals the Aura, and Chakras as living energy fields. The invisible made visible. This Biofield Viewer observes and makes visible the energetic functionality of Aura revealing any imbalances and areas that would benefit from healing/treatment. I trained with scientist Harry Oldfield over 20 years ago and have now updated my Biofield Viewer to the latest state of the art version. The Biofield Viewer is no gimmick, it is a scientific approach that allows light interference patterns to be observed between the human Biofield system, and a standardised lighting system.



Massage & Reflexology

Swedish massage techniques, deep tissue massage and intuitive massage to sooth the mind, body and soul. Massage has many benefits for our physical bodies, such as improved sleep, circulation and easing of muscular pain.




Crystal Healing & Reiki


Crystal Healing to experience a direct sense of relaxation, peace and an heightened spiritual awareness.

Reiki to promote relaxation, increase energy levels, and discover a positive sense of well-being.


some Tarot Card Spreads


Celtic Cross

The traditional Celtic Cross may be read in many ways by a professional Reader. Come along and see how.



The Microcosmos Reading is for individuals who are seeking to understand more clearly the Hierarchy of Levels of Being within themselves. Most people live out their lives quite happily on one or two levels, and are oblivious to their deeper Self. But some like to know more, and this Reading spread is perfect for deeper Self-understanding.


The Cube

The cube offers a quick Reading in 6 life significances – higher influence, the past, our shortcomings, the situation, the next step, & our strengths. It’s a great Reading for centring and seeing our options.



Chakras are centres of whirling energy within the body which indicate how certain forces function. There are 7 main Chakras and each may be interpreted in the Reading to show its relative form or shape, its force intensity level, and its interfunctional vitality. This Reading is especially good for individuals seeking healing or self-healing and integrated balance.



Relationships and our Associations with others are governed and interpreted in 5 principle ways, from which many outcomes are possible. This Reading  can assist with understanding yourself in Relationships, and can then extend to you with Another person, or you with Many others, such as a group or family.


Four Part Person

The Four Part Person is an ideal Reding spread for quick answers as to our personal psychology – our ideas, feelings, energy and coordination. We can gain a good general assessment quickly, in only 5 to 10 minutes.

Tarot Readings

What To Expect

Bring your questions and we will offer you insights and strategies to make your life choices and directions more clear, your energies more efficint and productive, and your feelings more loving and compassionate toward yourself and others.


Spiritual Awareness


Good Feelings


Positive Energy


Healthy Body/Mind



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