Online Readings  


At Shining Light, we offer a wide range of our services online as well as in person. Scroll below and select from the range of options starting with our £20 offerings for 10 minutes…  


Choose a reader from the details below. Here are the 10 minutes for £20 options…

Georgina Holdsworth

I am a Psychic Tarot Reader with over 37 years experience.


Amanda Thomson 

Intuitive tarot adviser with over 20 years experience.


Miroslav R Mitrovic

I have been psychically gifted since birth.


Book an Online Tarot Reading with Neira.

Kyle O’Neill

Kyle combines his mystical knowledge with a life coaching approach, focusing on self-growth.

Angel Card Readings

with Meeinal or Miroslav


10 minutes for £20 – with Meeinal or Miroslav

30 minutes for £59 – with Meeinal or Miroslav

  30-minute readings  


Here are our 30-minute offerings which might be more useful if you have a lot going on in your life…  

Palm Readings

with Janice Gardner (£49)

Janice Gardner is an associate with the International Palmistry Association – Diploma A.dip.IPA. For this online service, a photo of your palms will be required by email. More info will be given prior to the appointment.

30 minute Tarot Readings

Select an image below to book an online Tarot Reading for 30 minutes at £59…

Book Neira for an Online Tarot reading (30-mins)
Book Neira for an Online Tarot reading (30-mins)

Distance Healing

with Richard Barriball (£35)


When the path ahead is foggy, And you’re not quite in the flow,

Just put aside your worried thoughts, Relax and they will go,

For when you let go of the worry, You allow yourself “to be”,

Your happy carefree natural self, Your true nature is free.