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Malcolm Clark is a Psychic Intuitive Tarot Reader with over 22 years of experience. He is also a professional Astrological Interpreter. To assist his clients he has developed many ways to read Tarot cards and Oracles. He has a strong psychic intuition and uses it successfully with clients whether in-person or over the phone or internet. All Astrological readings come with an optional PDF report. Malcolm is also a long-term Meditation teacher and Yoga instructor and founder of his own school.


some of Malcolm’s Tarot Card Spreads


Celtic Cross

The traditional Celtic Cross may be read in many ways by a professional Reader. Come along and see how.



The Microcosmos Reading is for individuals who are seeking to understand more clearly the Hierarchy of Levels of Being within themselves. Most people live out their lives quite happily on one or two levels, and are oblivious to their deeper Self. But some like to know more, and this Reading spread is perfect for deeper Self-understanding.


The Cube

The cube offers a quick Reading in 6 life significances – higher influence, the past, our shortcomings, the situation, the next step, & our strengths. It’s a great Reading for centring and seeing our options.



Chakras are centres of whirling energy within the body which indicate how certain forces function. There are 7 main Chakras and each may be interpreted in the Reading to show its relative form or shape, its force intensity level, and its interfunctional vitality. This Reading is especially good for individuals seeking healing or self-healing and integrated balance.



Relationships and our Associations with others are governed and interpreted in 5 principle ways, from which many outcomes are possible. This Reading  can assist with understanding yourself in Relationships, and can then extend to you with Another person, or you with Many others, such as a group or family.


Four Part Person

The Four Part Person is an ideal Reading spread for quick answers as to our personal psychology – our ideas, feelings, energy and coordination. We can gain a good general assessment quickly, in only 5 to 10 minutes.

Principle Character of Zodiac Sign

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To truly understand your zodiac sign, it’s important to not only see the positive aspects of the sign, but also the shortcomings. Further, if you are born anywhere away from the exact middle of the sign you will be adopting characteristics of the adjacent sign. For example, if you are born on 24 October, you are technically a Scorpio, however you will have almost an equal amount of the sign Libra. To understand yourself psychologically, read both Scorpio and Libra.

For a full Astrological Reading, including all the other planets and aspects of your zodiacal character, including your current transits and astro-locality in the world, Book Malcolm for a Reading today.

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Want to Learn How to Read?

Beginner’s Tarot Workshop – Falkirk & Edinburgh

Start your journey on How to Understand & Read the Tarot

If you wish to start your understanding of Tarot, and when schooled up, to offer basic Tarot Readings to friends, this is a perfect Workshop to attend.


In this Workshop Malcolm will take you through the basics and get you started on a firm footing. We will use the famous and popular English Tarot deck by A. E. Waite. It’s the easiest place to start as a Beginner and we can then go on to other decks in future workshops.

Upcoming Tarot Course – Next Step

For those attending, Malcolm will offer a private Tarot Course which will follow the Workshop soon afterwards.


If you wish to enquire about the Workshop and follow-up Course please book a personal consultation with Malcolm first. 


Malcolm has been consulting professionally with Tarot for over 20 years, and has studied the Cards since 1985. He has a wealth of knowledge to share with workshop participants, not only about the Tarot Cards, but in how to read and interpret their meanings.

Tarot Reading

The primary purpose of a Tarot Reading is to quickly and simply enable good choices & above all eliminate genuinely faulty expectations and unrealistic choices which will lead to poor life outcomes.

Shining Light

This Event is offered by Shining Light Centre in Falkirk & Edinburgh.

Buy a new Tarot deck… ?

If you wish to purchase a new Waite Tarot deck of cards, we will offer a special rate for these at the Workshop, so please ask when you have made your booking. 

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To book yourself and/or a friend for the Workshops in either Falkirk or Edinburgh, take the link below and scroll down to the very bottom of the Booking Page. We hope to see you soon.

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