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The Energy Coach – Meeinal Ganaatra

Tarot/ Oracle Card Reader, Numerology & Therapist

Energy Coach Meeinal Ganaatra, Astrologer, numerology in united kingdom, international tarot reader

Meeinal Ganaatra is an Energy Coach who offers Transformational Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Oracle Reading and Chakra Healing, helping people bring transformation in their lives with the help of aligning their energy and raising vibrations to manifest their Dream Life.

Online chakra energy meditations available (45 mins) during new moon and full moon of each month. Available everyday at Shining Light.


SERVICES: https://shininglight.setmore.com/energy-coach

Tarot Readings –

£15 for 10-mins click here £20 for 15-mins click here £59 for 30-mins click here

Meeinal works by beginning to cleanse your aura and then cuts the parasitic cords and energy blocks which are present in your energy centers / chakras . She works with the team of angels and ascended masters to attune you to a higher energy level.

Chakra Healing – £59 for 30-mins click here

Meeinal Ganaatra offers intuitive guidance about Career, Relationship, Education, Spiritual Development and Business Decisions. 
Business Owners take guidance for their funnel strategies and business development plans to improve their customer experience and ensure they have the highest quality delivered which brings them success.
Students get to know their inner talents and areas which are more favourable for them as career opportunities with the help of their numbers and planets. If you are a student, Book a Reading today.


Astrology with Numerology – £150 for 30-mins click here

Meeinal helps with analysis of your birth chart and birth date. 
She provides a 1:1 session with a cosmic report just made for you.
Career choice, Attract luck, important years, Energy remedies, planetary impacts on finance, relationships, spiritual development.

If you want to upgrade your energy?