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Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps
Shining Light Tarot shops in Edinburgh and Falkirk have a big range of Himalayan Salt lamps.
What are the spiritual and psychic benefits of having a Himalayan Salt lamp in your home?
There are many claims which tout the benefits of Himalayan Salt, whether for eating on food or lighting up and purifying your home. But what are the spiritual and psychic benefits?
As humans, our ‘psychic ability’ is to do with how we feel, what kind of mood we are in, and there are many therapeutic methods to improve this psychic feeling, from incense, to essential oils, having a beautiful painting on the wall, wearing comfortable and attractive clothes – footwear – accessories like jewellery, and much more. Interestingly Georgina Holdsworth’s “Shining Light” shops have many products such as these which will help your psychic ability and improve the way you feel and respond to others. Having our own good feeling helps greatly with our compassion and empathy toward others. Himalayan Salt lamps not only change our visual atmosphere but also improve the psychic atmosphere of a room. There is evidence that the ionic chemistry deriving from the warming of the salt from a simple light bulb improves the atmosphere of a room – the chemistry is said to improve serotonin levels which helped to modulate and improve mood. And, it’s not just the beautiful pink or white glow we observe coming from the Salt lamp. Pure salt has been used for millennia to purify and preserve not only foods but also our skin. It is not the quantity of salt that is used, rather it’s minute use in psychic rituals and healing balms and ointments. Some people say the small amount of ionic chemistry produced by a Himalayan Salt lamp is not enough to produce noticeable changes in our mood. But many would not agree, particularly the most sensitive among us. At Shining Light Georgina has been selling Himalayan Salt lamps to regular customers for many years. Customers just keep coming back for the latest design and style.
What about the spiritual qualities of Himalayan Salt lamps. Well we know that salt has been used in religious and spiritual temples across the world for purification over thousands of years. It is used in ablutions and purification rituals. Himalayan Salt is amongst the most pure salt in the world. It comes from deep mines in Pakistani, salt which has been laid down centuries upon centuries ago in the most pure times of our ancient past. Just physically rubbing a Himalayan Salt lamp with your hand, very gently, deposits minute amounts of salt on your skin, cleansing and purifying wherever it touches. Remember to touch and rub your Salt lamp sometimes; it’s a touchstone for healing benefits both physically, psychically, and spiritually.
Come to Shining Light and see some of the vast range of Himalayan Salt lamps and ornaments available today. As we approach the end of the year and the many celebrations of the change from dark to light at the winter solstice, including Christmas and other religious festivals, it is wonderful to have a Himalayan Salt lamp in your living room or bedroom at this time.
Visit our stores today in Edinburgh and Falkirk, and speak to Georgina if you would like to know more.