The Root Chakra   Are you grounded?

The “current of liberation” sends your energy up, which helps to meditate, connect, and receive inspiration. Then the “current of manifestation” sends the energy down, which helps to take charge of our physical body, environment, and bring things into being, (the right of the root chakra is “to be”).

We are spiritual people having a physical experience, so both currents of energy are equally important. As a holistic practitioner, I send my energy up very easily, though it takes me a little longer to come back down and ground myself.

Some people travel these currents of energy easier than others. Ideally, if you can average around the heart centre, (528,000kHz) then that’s a good place to be, as the heart chakra issues include your work and life balance. If you tend to think too much and worry, then that automatically sends your energy up. If you can surrender and trust more, then that helps to ground.

This image represents the frequency measurement of a client’s energy level, with the four bars representing intuitive, mental, emotional and physical energy levels. I once did an aura reading for a lady who said that she does tarot readings upstairs in her home. “I keep falling down my stairs,” she exclaimed.

So I pointed to her energy level, which was close to 900,000kHz and suggested, “Well… you need to ground yourself before you walk your stairs.”

Another client had a physical disability, who had to use a walking frame to get around in order to maintain her balance. Her energy was floating even higher and was very white and grey.

Another medium friend once said to me “the deeper that you ground yourself, the higher you can safely fly.”

I did a home visit to a client who was diagnosed with terminal COPD, a condition which affects the breath. She was even hooked up to an oxygen machine.

So, knowing that the breath connects with the root chakra, which has the saboteur of fear.  “Panic Attacks” is a good example of this. So my first question to the client was, “Do you consider yourself to be a fearful person?”

Her reply was: “I’ve been living in fear all my life!”

She was fearful that her Dad would find her again after being abused in childhood! So after helping her to realize that it was her fear that was making herself ill… she was able to drop the fear… and she lived way past the date the doctors gave her of her life expectancy!

So the experience that I have gained performing aura readings has given me a very unique insight (in addition to my professional training) with how our bodies respond to our energy and how we use it.

Root chakra issues: Roots, grounding, nourishment, trust, health, home, family, prosperity, appropriate boundaries.